Pigeon River

Put-in: Waterville to Hartford (normal whitewater section):

From North Carolina take I-40 West and follow I-40W until you enter Tennessee.  Just over the Tennessee line take the first exit “Waterville”.  After you take the exit ramp, the ramp will go down hill to a stop, turn left and go under I-40, after passing under I-40 the road curves back to the right and then takes a hard left to a bridge over the Pigeon. (go to “From the Waterville bridge over the Pigeon” below)

From Tennessee take I-40 east and follow I40E until you are at the “Waterville exit” just before the Tennesse/North Carolina line.  Take the exit ramp and at the bottom of the ramp make a right turn onto the road going to a bridge across the Pigeon. (go to “From the Waterville bridge over the Pigeon” below)

From the Waterville bridge over the Pigeon – After you cross the bridge slow down (its curvy, narrow, raft buses and patrolled) the road takes a tight curve to the left and then back right alongside the river.  Follow the road along the river till you see the power plant,  on the left just before the plant is parking along the river.

Park, unload, changing station and latines across the road on the right.  At the upper end of the parking area is a small hut,  check in there with the constable,  they record the number of private boater on the river which influences number of releases – no fee, no hassle, just do everybody a favor and check-in with the number in your party.  Just past the hut are two ramps you can go down to put in,  you may have to work around the rafters – be polite and patient,  the raft companies have been pretty good to work with there,  we don’t need bad karma.

 There is also some more parking just up the road on the right just past the power plant.


Take-out off Hartford Exit:

Go back out to I-40 from the put in, by going back down the road along the river, and back across the bridge.  Turn right after crossing the bridge and follow the road as it curves back left under I-40,  on the other side of I-40 take the ramp west to the left.  Go up one exit to “Hartford” exit and take the ramp.  At the bottom of the ramp turn left and go under the bridge. Go the the T-intersection turn left.  Go down the road just past the USA raft building and you will come to a place on your right just past a road to the right where the road narrows and there is a small garvel area with a takeout spot (on river right).

You will have to find suitable parking if you droping a car down toward the take out,  it a problem and a hassle,  talk to the other boaters about where you might park – there are a lot of area along the road posted no parking.

Usually best to set up with someone to pick up up for the shuttel but in a pinch the rafting company’s normally will take you up on a bus if you sign a wavier but you will have to wait.  Past experiance was it was free but may take a while.