Maury – Goshen Pass – Devils Kitchen Section

A word or two about the Maury:

The Goshen pass section of the Maury is an exciting and fun run.  It is for the most part a natural flow river but can have some contribution from upstream tributary dams that while not regular release type situation, do from time to time dump some water.   It is a beautiful and fun run, but be sure to scout partiularly Devils Kitchen, which is a fun but serious rapid which does have some undercuts and be sure you can stay clear any strainers in this rapid as it drops fast, swift and requires manuvering with little margin for being off line.


  1. Coming from areas around Winston-Salem, North Carolina take hyw 52/ I-74 north to I-77 going north into Virginia.   From I-77 north take I-81 north just before Wytheville Va.
  2. Coming from areas near Stateville NC take I-77 North.  From I-77 north take I-81 just before Wytheville Va.
  3. From Martinsville or Danville Va. areas take hyw 220 to Ronaoke Va. and take I-81 north.
  4. From areas to the north such as Staunton or Winchester Va. take I-81 south.
  5. From areas to the west – such as from Beckley W. VA.  you can take I-64 east – but alter direction below and start at taking exit #55 for the Maury River Rd. off of I-64 (last exit before it runs into I-81) going toward Rockbridge Baths.

From I-81, once you reach I-64 go West on I-64 and then take the 1st exit “Maury River Rd” exit #55.  At the end of the exit ramp you go right on Va hyw 11 and take the next left on to the “Maury River Rd.” (VA hyw 39).   Stay on VA hyw 39 – Maury River Rd. and go to the town of Rockbridge Baths.  At Rockbridge Baths once you cross the Maury River on a small bridge in town pull over and you can check the paddlers painted gauge on the bridge.  Continue on 39 and once you pass Laurel Run picnic area on you right you will go another 1 to 1 1/2 miles and spot a gravel road to the right,  go down this road and there should be a gravel parking area at the put in (there should also be a footbridge to the right over the river if you at the right spot).   There are serveral take out spots along the road starting just out of town from Rockbridge Baths as far up as just below Devils Kitchen depending on what you want to run.  However be considerate and careful of where you pick along the road – much of the areas along the lower half of the run have private property.  Areas along the upper part of the run are in the State of Virginia Goshen Pass Wildlife Management Area.  However there are serveral places to take-out along the river where the river is next to the road and issues with private property can be avoided.