French Broad Section 9 – Benard to Stackhouse or the Hot Springs NC

Put in:

To get to the put in you will go I40 to Asheville NC and then take I240 at Asheville to Hyw70/19/23 north (they are all one road off of I240).

Then at the Weaverville Exit (there are two weaverville exits and
this is the 2nd one so watch for hyw 25) – take hyw 25 toward Marshall or Hot Springs which ever it says both are in the same direction  Go under the overpass at the hyw 25 exit and take the ramp just on the other side so you can turn onto hyw 25 going the correct direction which will be west or north whichever it is marked toward Marshall
and Hot Springs.

Follow Hyw 25 for quite a few miles eventually it become 2 lane – keep going
its still quite a ways.   Past the NOC outpost eventally you will see a Volunteer fire Dept. building (dark red/rust color to the left at an intersection in the middle of now where) at Sharp Hollow Rd. (route 1145) – turn left on this road follow it till it dead ends in a tee intersection into Bernard Rd. (route 1151) and turn left again – follow this road till
you cross the railroad track near the river – parking lot/put in is to your
imediate left right after you cross the railroad tracks across for some old
buildings. If you cross the FB you went to far.

(if you happen to miss the volunteer fire dept and sharp hollow rd you will
see signs for the town of Walnut to the left just a mile or less past
there – you have to choices if this happens – go back and turn on sharp
hollow rd. or turn left and go into Walnut and find the Bernard Rd. and
follow it all the way to the river).


Alternative 1 – shorter run (Benard to Stackhouse)  – Stackhouse take-out.  Go back out to hyw 25 and turn to the left (toward Hot Springs).  Follow the hyw, you will eventually pass the USA Raft stone building on the right going up a hill,  once you get the the top of the hill slow down as you start down the hill a very short way there will be “Stackhouse Rd” to your left -its a gravel and dirt road where it meet the highway just before a rough wood sided small house on the left.  (If you pass a lumber yard on the left you have gone to far).  Follow the Stackhouse Rd. all the way down to the river.  You cross the railroad tracks just before the parking lot on the rivers edge – LOOK CAREFULLy  crossing the tracks – big trains come down it with no signal here.  Also be very carefully in rafting season – big buses on the road.  Go to the right end of the parking lot (downstream end) and park beyond the fence for the private boater parking.

 Aternate 2 – Benard to Hot Springs – Hot Springs take out.  Go back to Hyw 25 and turn left toward Hot Springs and follow the hyw till you go down a very steep hill to where the 25 takes a left turn and imediately crosses Big Laurel Creek,  follow the hyw to Hot Springs and just before you cross the bridge over the French Broad at Hot Springs take the road to the right and go just down to the next road and turn left and go under the bridge over the French Broad.  Park to the right in the dirt parking areas.