Elk Creek Va. (west of Galax Va.)

From I-77:

Directions to Take Out:

Take Galax/Hillsville Va. Exit 14 onto hyw 58/221 West toward Galax.

Go through Galax and approximately 2-3 miles passed (west) of Galax turn right onto hyw. 94 north.

Stay on hyw. 94 until the intersection with hyw. 274. (Note at this intersection 274 is straight ahead and 94 makes a right, so stay straight onto 274 – there is a canoe livery at this intersection).

Just past the intersection on 274 is a river access parking lot to the left. Turn into this parking lot, which is the takeout for Elk creek.

Directions to put in (from take out):

Exit the takeout parking lot and turn left onto 274.

Just a short distance down 274 it will cross a bridge over Elk Creek and just passed the bridge Turn right on Hyw. 660.

Stay on Hyw. 660 (Carsonville Rd.) for several miles, and stay/bear right at a “Y” fork on 660 (Carsonville Rd.), continue until you cross bridge over Elk Creek.

Turn right onto Clito Rd. just passed the bridge over Elk Creek.

Follow Clito Rd. along side Elk Creek, note once rapids start there are several very serious drops/rapids that are extreme and not normally considered runnable with sieves, hydralics, blocked exits, large drops with paths directly into boulders, etc. – very extreme. Scout passed these until you find a pull off passed these to put in.

Gage: gauge is painted on concrete pile on bridge over 274 just passed the takeout. View from road at bridge –  land owners do not like land being crossed & fenced below bridge.