Big Reed Island Creek – Gorge Section

Big Reed Island Creek, can be found just east of Hillsville, Virginia.  This is a natural flow creek that normally requires recent rain to be runable and except when there has been prolonged spell of substainal rain, has a window of only a day to a few days at best.

Normally this creek with is a sizable creek (as big as many small rivers) when flow is adequate to paddle.  Though often a bit turbid (cloudy) during or right after a heavy rain, normally once rains cease its waters clears fairly quickly to very clear and clean water.

With adequate flow for boating its suitable for open or decked canoes or kayak.  Deck boaters often run creekboats but with reasonable skills it can be run quite comfortably in a playboat.  While the true “gorge section” of the run is creeky, its overly steep or tight and make a good run for those wanting an intro into creeking, as it has ample opportunities for creek moves, play, and work on creeking skills.

Directions to the Put in: