Nolichucky Gorge – June 13 & 14, 2009

Levels had been holding well on the Nolichucky Gorge and several of us decided to get a14770 weekend of camping and paddling at the Noli.  Robbie G., Jeff R. and I set up a trip for the weekend and where joined by Jerry H., Mike H. and Micheal B. for a run on Saturday June 13th.  In addition to having had a pretty good late winter and spring with rain we had some rain earlier in the week so level where holding pretty good.  The day was turning sunny but not hot,  just warm and the water was running about 1250 cfs and crystal clear.  After meeting up, loading boats and dressing out at Uncle Johnny’s Hostel to pick up our shuttle we headed over the mountain to the put-in. (more…)

A Season for Wilson Creek Gorge – March to June 2009

14416It been a wet late winter and spring after to many years of drought, and brought consistent flow back to Wilson Creek Gorge we have not seen for quite a while.  I’ve gotten on this pristine gem of a class 4+ to 5 run numerous times this year and had some great paddles with old and new friends. (more…)

Kibler – Dan 1 May and July 2009 – We got water!!!

15645This season on Kibler Dan-1,  which starts up at the Pinnacles Hydro Station has been a excellent year.  Its been at least 8 to 10 years since we have had water consistently.  Rains have been plentiful this year after 8 years of drought.  The Dan begins above the hydro station in the Meadows of the Dan high up the mountain above where springs form the headwaters of the Dan river.  Flowing from two reservoirs up the Pinnacles of the Dan gorge the water is deverted by flume to the Pinnacles Hydro Station located at the end Kibler Valley Virginia.  Here section 1 of the Dan proper begins at to outflow pool of the hydro powerstation starting out with a nice initialy creeky run just below the outflow. (more…)