Wilson Creek Gorge – Dec. 20th, 2008 w/SRVCC

12439Well, the rains finally came after a long dry summer and fall, and after several days of rain,  many of the regional runs including Wilson Creek have begun to hold water for few days at a time now.  So Sat. morning Dec. 20th,  I was looking to paddle and contacted John H. about a Wilson Creek trip for SRVCC, and John welcomed me to join.

Meeting up with the SRVCC group which had John H. OC-1,  Mike C. K-1, Marc K-1, Mercer, Mick K-1, plus myself (Paddlin-ed) K-1.  John was our only canoe and the rest of us where in creeking kayaks.  Richard H. had come intending to run but did not feel well and so opted to do some pictures and shuttle for the group.  The Akado bridge gauge read about -5″ at 11am (-6 by the time I left at 4pm that evening).  This is modest but decent level,  enough that there is little scrapping and key boofs are still adequately covered and good for taking 1st timers with reduced push to the flow.  The day was cool with temps in the high 50’s to mid 60’s through the afternoon.  Overcast at times with an occasional sprinkle of rain, and occasionally sunny.  Over all a nice day with doable water for late fall/winter run.

After getting shuttle set John H. informed me, I would be leading as I knew the creek with many runs and several years on doing it., followed next by John with 3 runs.  I had introduced John the previous year during Christmas week to the gorge and he had done well.  There was at one or two more in the group that had each done one run in the past and three “Newbie’s” ready for a 1st run initiation to the gorge. (more…)

Ocoee – Nov. 2nd, 2008

10178With dam release season ending and little natural flow,  I headed to the Ocoee from running the last release of ’08 at the Cheoah the day before to catch the Ocoee’s last scheduled release of ’08 on Sunday Nov. 2nd.  I arrived thinking I would most likely find a friend or two around,  but with no one I knew in sight,  I started sizing up groups getting ready and approached a group with a mix of  TSRA paddlers out of the Murfreesboro Tenn. area and some AP’s out of Alabama, who allowed me to join for their run.

It was a brilliant sunny day,  temps a bit cooler in the low 60’s but quite comfortable.  Plenty of follow,  a fairly good release.  It was a nice run with good company, a very friendly group and with this group taking a couple of 1st timers down I had time to run ahead a bit and get some pictures, and play/work the rapids and features along the way. (more…)

Cheoah Nov. 1, 2008

Last release of the year for this wonderful run, came around this year a welcomed time.  Aft29er a dry summer and fall,  getting a end of season run in on the dam released Cheoah was great.  While the day started out on the cold side by 11 or so when we put on it had warmed up nicely into the 60’s with a good bit of the day in the sun with occasional clouds.  I met up with Darron P.,  plus Ana and Drew where in from Colorado for their first run on the Cheoah.  Level was excellent at 1,1oo+ cfs.

So Ana and Drew could get the a look at the whole run we put in at the FS put-in just below the dam.  While there is not a lot on this section down to the normal put in around the store and O’Henry’s,  it is a nice warm up.  The upper section does have one nice ledge with a healthy hydraulic to be mindful of.  One we pass O’Henry’s of course things picked up quickly. (more…)