New River Gorge – July 19th, 2008

10784New River Gorge was on of the few rivers in day trip distance with water this year,  so Darron P.,  Gif G. & Joey, and myself did the early morning run to West Virginia.  After we all gathered at Tamarack for breakfast we headed to Fayette Station at the bottom of the gorge, set our shuttle, and did the run up to the 10854Cunard put-in.  We had left NC thinking it was going to be just above 0 on the gauge but the dam upstream cut back overnight as it was -6″,  which in the New River is still a lot of water. (more…)

WOR-CCC-June 27 to July 6, 2007

10632This years CCC (Carolina Canoe Club) – WOR (Week of Rivers)was a enjoyable week of river running in Western North Carolina with good attendance this year despite another summer with little rain.  Turnout for the week was excellent, and I suppose that the fact that it is held in an area centrally located amoung several key dam released rivers in addition to many other rain dependent runs, certainly helped. My week started out with a late drive to the campground at SMM late on Thursday night.

Friday – June 17th, 2008 – Middle Ocoee– Well Friday morning came and I was glad to find a group of other early folks I knew making the pilgrimage over to the Ocoee about an hour away.  In the group where Don and Karol G. both in K-1,  Sandra and David L. both in K-1 and Woody K-1.  I opted into my EZG-60 playboat for the run.  Raft traffic was present but light and the day was sunny and warm with a good release. (more…)