NRG-NEW RIVER GORGE – Sat. June 21, 2008

9282Saturday, June 21st started early for the ride to WVa. out of NC.  It was  sunny, blue sky summer day, with mild warm high temps into the low to mid 80’s.  NRG was running about -0.60 ft.  which with its size and volume is still plenty of water.  In fact with not much rain for the last few weeks it was one of the few rivers around runnable.   The gorge is a beautiful section of river running from Cunard put in to the take out at Fayette Station WVa.  with most rapids of significance in the class 3 to 4+ range.

This section of river holds such well know rapids as the Kenney’s (upper, middle, and lower) with feature large waves and holes in a stair-step succession down through all three  back to back, Double Z which is a very busy long rapid with lots of under-cut out-cropings and boulders, plus holes, and about every feature you can name to keep one busy along the way, and its final rapid Fayette Station where the river funnels down to a third of its width and blast down through a stair-step of ledges and features into a boiling line of large waves and holes.  Its a nice run even at lower levels,  as changes in level changes it’s features and brings new challenges and play opportunities. (more…)

USNWWC – Charlotte NC – Saturday June 7, 2008

This was my first experience at the US National Whitewater Center, in Charlotte NC.  After meeting up with Darron and a couple of others,  we geared up, paid our fee’s and slipped our boats into the upper pool.

The first run we did the “Wilderness” channel, which is supposed to be a bit easier but is very short and drops into the “Big Water” channel.  Second run we did the entire “Big Water” channel.  Personally I could not tell much difference entering either way, the upper end of both are similar and 80% of both runs is the main section of the “Big Water” run. (more…)

Pigeon River – Waterville to Hartford May 31st, 2008

5766Well it started with Eric R. posting about interest in doing the Pigeon this Saturday earlier in the week.  Lack of rain was starting to leave a lot of rivers low, so with Pigeon-Waterville released started for the season,  serveral of us worked up a day trip run.  Eric R., Robbie G., Karol G., and myself Paddlin-ed all piled in the car with our kayaks and head out for Waterville at the Tenn.- NC line of I-40W for a day on the Pigeon.  There we where joined by two other paddlers,  Jack in OC-1, and a newcomer to the Pigeon Don A. in K-1.

Once shuttle was set the 6 of us set off downstream for a really nice day on the river.  It was Sunny with blue skies and a few whipy white clouds here and there.  The water was cool up not uncomfortable,  quite nice with Temps in the high 80’s in fact.  We played the entrance down the left catching eddies then a hard ferry across for the rolling bottom have full of holes, run after we caught the eddies along the right band just above the bottom run. (more…)

2008 -Mean & Ugly Ocoee CCC Weekend -May 24th & 25th

9217Memorial Day Weekend brought this years Mean & Ugly CCC trip to the Ocoee, with a group of around 12 paddlers, all K-1, gathering up at the middle put in on Saturday May 24thfor a 1st day’s event of both upper and middle Ocoee.   The day was sunny, warm in the upper 70’s and the Ocoee release was full and high,  just plain great conditions.