3 Run Day – Wilson Creek Gorge – Sunday 4/20/08

We had all been watching gauges closing since Friday,  waiting for one of those rains that “was supposed to happen”, and went to bed on Saturday night expecting to see some gauges going off by morning with hard rain coming in.  Sunday morning came and the hard rains had been scattered west of our group, so choices where limited for a day trip.  After some checking of river and rain gauges, telephone calls to people west near possible spots it was going to be Wilson Creek.  A couple of its watersheds had received some decent rain during the night and while levels where on low end, quite doable.  Wilson Creek Gorge is one of those unique places where lower levels still present lots of fun and challenge, as in many ways some areas get more technical to run lower. (more…)

French Broad 9 – April 13, 2008

Having missed out on Saturday opportunities and starting out to late to go much further west I met up with a couple of old friends who where doing a afternoon run over on the French Broad 9.  Level was around 1,800, and the day partly sunny.  I met up with Tim T., Jim Van L. and Brian along I40W and made the trip north of Ashville, NC to the FB at Bernard.  On arriving we found a cold front had moved in early and decided to do the Bernard to Stackhouse run and stay off of the long open “Windy Flats” (windy and cold) section on the last part of the run. (more…)

Wilson Creek – April 6th, 2008

358Just when most of us around this area where about to give up on a big rain event weekend that just seemed to have fizzled on Friday and Saturday,  early Sunday morning it poured.  Grandfather Meadow’s and some of the other rain gauges up toward Boone NC shot up with over an 1 inch of rain before dawn feeding a surge of water toward the headwaters of Wilson Creek.   When Gif G. and I met at the gauge at 11am Wilson’s had jumped from -8 the previous day to almost +6 which is considerable water on this creek.  Shortly thereafter Eddie C. showed up at the takeout and reported it was up to +7 and went upstream to determine if it was still rising. (more…)