Nolichucky Gorge – March 22, 2008

1135Well, an event known as Easterchucky had arrived again as it annually does and has for as long as I have been paddling.  An annual gathering of paddlers in TRR (Triad-river-runners) held each Easter weekend along the banks of the Nolichucky River.  Now the Nolichucky Gorge is an excellent run,  remote for 9 1/2 miles,  class 3-4 water at normal levels with some excellent and challenging rapids with a technical nature about it.

This particular Saturday 3/22/08 it was running a nice full 1,800 cfs.  Having gotten rain two days earlier and going up to 2,800 – 30-36 hours or so earlier, it had fallen to 2,200 the previous morning and was now at 1,800 but still a good solid beefy level for many paddlers.  We had a sunny day with temps promised to be in the high 50’s by early afternoon.  I had done the night at the Nolichucky campground and met up with Jerry H. to paddle.  We where joined by Kevin Y. on running (or swimming) on a river board.  Jerry and I where in K-1. (more…)

Watagua Gorge 3-21-08

Watagua Gorge northwest of Boone NC is a truly awesome place. Class 4-5 whitewater, steep, creeky, with rapid after rapid that will get your attention down the run.  It is remote, beautiful, and a run that will truly get your attention.

Friday 3-21-08 arrived, with rains just a day or so before had brought levels up the night before and melt off from warm temps had add to flow.   This particular Friday was a holiday so there where quite a few people out of the run.  Levels on the Sugar Grove gauge which is several miles upstream where reading about 260cfs and the gauge on the Guy’s Ford put in bridge read -1″.   Just downstream we found streams where however bringing in a lot of water,   so actual flow with these feeder creeks was definitely up and running good. (more…)

Spring Creek to Hot Springs NC – 3/16/08

8101Spring Creek is a wonderful scenic gorge creek run, running north through the Western NC mountains and ending in Hot Springs NC.  In several stretches there are almost continuous class 3-4 rapids much of which are both scenic and remote.  Only along the last mile or two is the road visible, and even there only occasional houses and few vehicles are spotted.  We had gotten rains in NC on Saturday, which had in most areas only raised levels a little,  but the area around Hot Springs had received a good rain.  This was the 1st run for all of our group and we found ourselves in for a treat. (more…)

Wilson Creek Gorge – March 9, 2008

Heavy rains earlier in the week had brought up Wilson Creek and it was holding well.  The gorge run, a national wild and scenic river, of class 3 to 4+ at normal levels with pristine water was up and running nice meaty level.  (more…)