Cheoah February 16, 2008 – 1,200+ cfs

Saturday 2/16/08 – five of us all K-1 did a winter run on the Cheoah.  USGS gauge 47readings for the release showed 1,200cfs, however most folks seem to think actual water flow was higher.  The run defiantly had lots of water and push, and weather was great for mid winter with temps. in high 60’s and partly sunny.  A good size crowd had gathered for the run by the time we arrived for what was to be a great day of paddling.  (more…)

French Broad – Sec. 9 – Benard to Stackhouse – 2/9/08 @2,000cfs

Secton 9 of the French Broad was runing around 2,000+ on Saturday Feb. 9th.  At this level the river has excellant play.  Well padded, some push but not hammering, its a really nice fun level.  The day was promising to be mid to upper 50’s which was excellant for a mid-winter run, with sunny skies and the five of us, (4 k-1 & 1 oc-1) opted to run the shortened run from Benard to Stackhouse, an excellant winter run. (more…)

French Broad – Sec. 9 – Benard to Hot Springs – 2/2/08 @5,000cfs

Saturday Feb. 2nd, 2008,  three of us put on the French Broad section 9.  We had started to to do a creek run that morning, with heavy rains 24 hours earlier but with the recent drought our creek had dropped fast and so we moved our trip to the French Broad  and did a high water run.  Checking the gauge graph afterward showed just over 5,000 cfs on the upsteam gauge at Marshall,  with quite a few creek flowing in between there and the put in, so we had considerable flow.  Beautiful blue sky day, in mid-50’s. (more…)

White Top Laurel – Taylor Valley down – January 12, 2008

Sat., Jan. 12, 1008 – one of the best and most beautiful creeking runs around this area -“White Top Laurel (WTL)” class 3-4, just outside of Damascus Va. was up and running that morning at +3 on the paddler gauge.  Four of us did the run starting from the bridge at Taylor Valley, mid-upper section down. (more…)