Middle Ocoee – Sunday November 4th, 2007

2007-11-04 Ocoee 006Well, after a run on the Cheoah on Saturday,  I headed out of Robbinsville NC, toward the Ocoee area to meet up with a couple of friends and supper up toward Murphy and in the morning on Sunday 11/4/07 went to run the Ocoee with them.

After catching breakfast with the group we all headed up to the put in of the Middle Ocoee, dropping our boats and donning our gear at the put in.  Then off for quick shuttle to drop vehicles down at the bottom.  In our group was Robbie G. & Jeff R., Robby H., and Dane W., plus myself – paddlin-ed, all in K-1’s.  The day started out a bit cold but by the time we put on around 11am it had started warming up nicely and the sun was bright.

Quick as we had shuttle set we where geared up and down the ramp to put in.  Off down through Snow White, and on past Gumpies to the first surf wave over on river left for a couple of rounds.  Robbie H. was already hard at it when the rest of us got to the wave. (more…)

Cheoah – Sat. November 3rd, 2007

Saturday November 3rd, 2007 to myself and many others will go down as one of those rare and fine paddling days that just plain exceeds expectations.  There we where,  Darron P. (K-1),  myself paddlin-ed (K-1), and a new friend Wes P. (K-1) who Darron and I met and hooked up with in the O’Henrys parking lot at the put in.  After a week of cold temperatures,  the day was Sunny, blue skys, and warming up fast with 1150 cfs running in the river. (more…)

Maury – Goshen Pass – Devils Kitchen Section – Sat. 10/27/07

Rain, Rain, Rain – after a long dry spell through out the summer and into this fall with only one or two brief rain events, we experianced 3 days of rains in the SE with areas here 2007-10-28 Maury 003 alt1about getting an inch during the day and another inch at night for 3 days Wed.-Friday with some areas getting as much as 5+ inches late Thurs. into Friday.  Well with all of that everybody was wow – local paddling Saturday.  Well those that paddled Thursday and Friday got to local paddle, but by Saturday with the severe drought local water was minimal at best.  Now John H. and myself started watching those gauges around Thursday night and keep watching and discussing right through Friday evening.  Well around 9 pm on Friday we both noticed that while everything else was peaking and dropping fast the Maury way up in Virgina and it tributaries where getting hammer by the rains we had 24 hours earlier and going straight up.  So early on Sat. morning after checking gauges, sure enough we had good water on the Maury. (more…)