Upper Gauley – Sunday 9-23-2007

A couple of weeks ago, I had my 1st Upper Gauley run experiance, and was looking forward to going back.  Darron and Will where just plain looking forward to getting to do their 1st runs.  We had hooked up with Kurt M and Milton and their group and run the lower the day before and we where running with them on the Upper this day.  As with the day before, it was a beautiful sunny day, with temps in the 80’s, gauge reading 2,800 cfs.  (more…)

Lower Gauley – Saturday 9-22-2007 (Gauleyfest Weekend)

Well a couple of weeks back at the Cheoah run,  Darron P., Will, and I planned out meeting up on Gauleyfest weekend to run the Gauley.  Darron had gotten in touch with Kurt M. about hooking up with him and Milton and others to paddle.  I headed out on Friday afternoon to the campground.  Darron, Will, as well as Grif and Joey came in late that night long after I had gone to sleep for after a short preview of Gauleyfest and turned in early.

Saturday morning dawn,  a beautiful day,  nice temps 70-80’s, sunny blue skys.  We got breakfast made and down at the campground, and met up with Kurt and company, Milton, Robert P. and Matt D., who where also at the Campground.  Plans where to do the Lower on Sat. and Upper on Sun.  We drove to the lower put in or rather the drop-off point on the logging road up on the mountain side above, dropped our boats, dressed out, and ran driver/vehical shuttle to the bottom.  Once back it was off down the trial and steps down the mountain side, shouldering our boats.

 The group included 8 of us – Darron P., Will, Grif, Joey, Kurt M., Milton, and myself.  Level was somewhere about 2,800 cfs. (more…)

BRI – Big Reed Island Creek 9-15-07

Well, at last rain arrived in our area on Friday 9/14/07 after an extended very dry spell.  Rivers had about dried up so it was a welcomed event.  All day 2007-09-15 BRI creek SRVCC 019 alt 1we recieved the rain from the reminents of a hurricane Humberto that came ashore earlier in the week in Texas.  On Friday the area around BRI recieved 3 – 3 1/2″ of rain.  Sounds like a lot doesn’t it, but after months of almost no rain it took nearly all day for gauges to even show rise and overnight it ran off quick what didn’t get soaked up.  Basically after all that rain while we had water it was a modest flow and falling quickly.


Upper Gauley – Saturday Sept. 8, 2007

Well, pretty much the key thing I can say is “Gauleyyyy” that’s a run, tighten up you backband, snap on your spray skirt, and make sure your thigh braces and foot pegs are in place, then hang on.

Well to really start at the beginning,  my 1st run on the Gauley really started a year ago. Lisa B. who now-a-days does the annual CCC Gauley 1st timers trip had promised me a year ago when I just missed by one person getting on the 2006 event, that I would be on the list for next year.  So about 2 or 3 weeks ago an e-mail arrive from her saying she had me on the list and was I definate, to which a simple message “in” was returned. (more…)

9/2/07 – Upper Ocoee

Well after a fantastic day on the Cheoah on Saturday,  Darron, Will and I met up at the put in for the upper Ocoee on Sunday 9/2/07.  The upper release was full and above average, a really nice level.  Darron had run this once before, and for Will it was a 1st time event.  I had run it numerous time over the last 7-8 years in both OC-1 and in kayak,  running it last on Memorial day weekend this year.  Basically this elected me by defaut as leader/guide for the run.

After setting shuttle down to the upper take-out and getting back to the put in, we finished gearing up, picked up our boats and walked down the path to the put in.  A little surfing out from the put in was our warm up and then it was off down through the initial boggie water at the top to the 1st nice surf spot. (more…)

Cheoah 9/1/07

Well,  Labor Day Weekend arrived this year with a nice present,  the Cheoah was releasing13-Cheoah.jpg on Saturday 9/1/07.  Darron, Will and I had pretty much had our focus on it for sometime, with the long dry spell, especially in the last two months or so leading up to Labor Day.

To say the least its been dry all summer and especially since just before July 4th week,  pickings and been few and far between.  Myself I had been on pretty much a paddle-less spell,  except for Kibler Vally run day in late July where I opted to get a little open boat practice in, for my only other recent paddling consisting of teaching a canoeing clinic in mid August.  It had been a prolonged dry spell both physically and paddling wise for a lot of us.  The Cheoah was a highly anticipated and welcome change for most of us. (more…)