Pigeon River – Waterville to Hartford June 16, 2007

S2007-06-16 003eems John H. and I had pretty much both been trying to drum up a trip somewhere for the 2-3 day before.  We agreed to meet on Sat. morning and do the Pigeon that day and look at doing the Nathahala on Sunday.  I was game as I wanted to get at least one more weekend of boating in before week of rivers a couple of weeks from then.  Pigeon was to be my day on the river in my kayak, and then the following day I was going to canoe the Nathahala with John as I had not spent much time in my OC-1 in a while and had a clinic to teach coming up in August. 

John H. (OC-1) and I (K-1) after meeting up at the Pigeon River access at the Waterville Power plant near noon when the Saturday releases normally begin, set our shuttle, dressed out and put on.  The day was a beautiful, sunny, quite warm.  The river was cool but not cold, plenty of flow, a good release.We had a great day, not to many rafts, and a couple of nice size groups of hard boaters like us.  John and I had great time, plenty of river to play without being crowded or hurried.  Surfed, and played our way down, with some rest stops at good spots to watch the other on the river.

We both had good runs.  Got some squirting and surfing in at good spots, ran the right line the top of Lost Guide then across and down clean both of us.  Tried to get a bit of a wave at what is left of Rollercoaster – not much there anymore, sure do miss that one.  At double reactionary,  I worked from Left to right, then back right to just left of center on the 1st drop, through the hole, stern squirting out of it and spinning in the squirt into the eddy just above the reactionary hole/drop, then working the line over to the far right, down and across in front of the hydralic at the bottom on the right.  John followed but then ran the right end of the ledge at the hole about 10′ right of the main hole, nice and clean.

At the bottom in the eddy below double reactionary I was talking over and pointing out the line options with John as this was his 2nd run and the view is good from there,  when a young lady came down in her K-1 and headed over straight into the meat of the hole (and it was looking nasty this day).  This happen about the time I was pointing out the nasty properities of that line, and gave witnesss and demonstration as to why it’s not a good line at full levels.  The victim rolled once and imediately went down again sideways in the hole, got worked and finally came out. We both went out to help as her partner came down.  Serveral folks came to help, paddlers are great people, gather her up and her boat.  John and I headed down to see if we could spot her paddle at or below Accelerator, fortunately a rafter had caught it and put it on the wall below and someone lent her a spare paddle to get down to it,  all ended well for the young lady.

John and I paddled out and enjoyed the last rapid, had a great day and set our plans for meeting on Sunday.

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