Nathahala lower top to NOC Sunday May 17, 2007

Well,  John H. and I had planned to open canoe the Nanny together,  however I got word let at the campground that John had to go home to attend to a sick family member,  so after trying to hook up with some of my local paddling club members the night before at the campground, which fell apart by Sunday morning,  I was still determine to get my open canoe time/run in.I had someone drop me at the put in and take my van to the take-out and began waiting to find someone to paddle with.  A very nice young couple showed up with a tandum canoe,  Brent and Kristen S.,  after talking to them we agreed to run together.  Brent and2007-06-16 005 alt-1 Kristen had evidently been working on learning to tandum paddle together ( often a interesting enterpise for married couples ).

Once they suited up we put in and where off.  It was a beautiful sunny day,  warm, and clear skies.  The Nanny, of course was its usual cold water, but crystal clear.  Brent and Kristen did well through Pattons.  I was a bit wobbly (mentally more than physically) from not having been in my open boat much over the last couple of years, but did ok and hit serveral eddies down through Pattons Run.  From there we continued down having a great time,  working the rapids.  Brent and Kristen where very nice to get to know and paddle with very friendly.

Kristen was still a bit new to paddling,  Brent evidently had some kayaking background.  A bit further I got some question on tandum canoeing strokes and methods from them, well I can’t help it, the old open boat intructor in me surfaced a bit.   Over the next couple of rapids we worked on Kristen’s eddy turn strokes and technique and before long she was in fine form.  Brent and I did a bit of discussion on stern paddling in tandum with the bow,  Brent was overall a pretty good but hopefully a couple of points I made where of benefit.  Being careful to keep the day a fun thing,  I limited my teaching to a pointer here and there building on something shown earlier here and there.  They did a great job down the river, and over the course of the river they really got their paddling together nicely, even surfing a bit.

We all ran the falls,  I took a couple of eddies down had bit of round with the bottom hole,  they pretty much worked on getting a clean run straight through.  Brent later pointed out that at the top they got about a half a boat full of water, so he was focused on just getting down upright, which they did quite well.  We all had a great day.  Brent and Kristen where super nice to paddle with, hope to do it again soon.


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