Nathahala lower top to NOC Sunday May 17, 2007

Well,  John H. and I had planned to open canoe the Nanny together,  however I got word let at the campground that John had to go home to attend to a sick family member,  so after trying to hook up with some of my local paddling club members the night before at the campground, which fell apart by Sunday morning,  I was still determine to get my open canoe time/run in. (more…)

Pigeon River – Waterville to Hartford June 16, 2007

S2007-06-16 003eems John H. and I had pretty much both been trying to drum up a trip somewhere for the 2-3 day before.  We agreed to meet on Sat. morning and do the Pigeon that day and look at doing the Nathahala on Sunday.  I was game as I wanted to get at least one more weekend of boating in before week of rivers a couple of weeks from then.  Pigeon was to be my day on the river in my kayak, and then the following day I was going to canoe the Nathahala with John as I had not spent much time in my OC-1 in a while and had a clinic to teach coming up in August. 

John H. (OC-1) and I (K-1) after meeting up at the Pigeon River access at the Waterville Power plant near noon when the Saturday releases normally begin, set our shuttle, dressed out and put on.  The day was a beautiful, sunny, quite warm.  The river was cool but not cold, plenty of flow, a good release. (more…)

TRR Clinic June 2 & 3, 2007

Instructed K-1 for the TRR (Triad River Runners) annual spring clinic, starting with a classroom and pool session on Thursday May 31. (more…)