April 28, 2007 Nolichucky Gorge

2007-04-28 Nolichucky 025 altFour of us paddled the Nolichucky Gorge today on Saturday April 28, 2007.  In the group were 3 K-1 kayakers, Brian C.,  Jason B., and paddlin-ed.  The fourth member of the group was Kevin K. in OC-1. 

 The last week had been a lean on for rain and rivers where falling most places, limiting opportunities.  The Nolichucky was running around 880cfs on the gauge, but had ample water for a good run.  About the only place it was getting pretty thin was in “Rock Garden”.  While on the shuttel it seemed the sun would poke through the day remained moderately to heavily overcast once on the river with temps in the 60’s.  During the day we had periods with spinkles of rain but nothing of significance.  Water was cool but not chilly and with a long dry top on, quite comfortable most of the time.  Overall a good day to be on the river. (more…)

Nolichucky Gorge – April 22, 2007

Paddled the Nolichucky Gorge on Sunday 4/22/2007 in a group of six kayakers.  Group IMGP0492altincluded Darron P., Ronnie G.,  Will M., and Drew F. and Anna, along with paddlin-ed.

 Met up with the others in Boone NC and lead the group over to the Chestoa take-out.  After arranging a shuttle we loaded up the paddlin-ed van and headed over the mountain to the gorge put in at Poplar NC.  Beautiful day,  blue skys with only occasional clouds, bright and sunny and temps in the high 70’s, and mild breezes for most of the day except of a little wind toward the end.  Gauge was reading about 1150 cfs,  a modest but good level, not to pushy but adequate water and still requiring attention and working the river. (more…)

Wilson Creek Gorge – Sunday April 15, 2007

Ran Wilson Creek Gorge – 4/15/07 with Darron P., Ronnie, Jeff, Eddie C., and others.  Met the rest of the group over at Wilson Creek early afternoon.  Level was just above -6, perhaps -5 to 5 1/2″,  overcast and around 60.  Water clear and steady. (more…)

Maury – Goshen Pass – Devils Kitchen section – Sunday 4/01/07

IMGP0462 Bill H. lays the bow down surfingJoined a collection of paddlers comprised of folks from the Roanoke Va area, and SRVCC, for a enjoyable afternoon on the Maury Goshen pass section.  Sizable group included, Bill H. in C-1, Steve C. in C-1, Zac C. in K-1, Mike C. in K-1, Cat in K-1, Mercer O. in K-1, Jame C. in OC-1, Joshua S. in K-1, David M. in C-1, Joey K. in K-1 and  Paddlin Ed in K-1 and a serveral others.  Several in the group where having their 1st run at Goshen Pass and initiation into Devil Kitchen and Corner rapids. (more…)