Wilson Creek – Janurary 6, 2007 (sat.)

Ran Wilson Creek – +2 to 2 1/2″ (780 cfs on Johns creek gauge)

Darron P., R. Garris, Eddie Cook, Jerry Hopping, and Dale Glen in group with me.  Beautiful day,  Sunny and got up around 70.  Water very clear and clean.

Did some cool moves at the surf hole below Fat Mama’s squeeze, came off far right and stalled stern surfing far right, spun to left side downstream and surfed back and forth, spun back to stern and then to right side, then spun 270 to bow and surfed over to left side and spun 180 and stern surf further left to tougue out.

Ed-Ledge below Thunderhole on Wilson Creek (11/30/03)

Had on of my best and cleanest lines ever at triple drop, lined up well an over right at top and kept angle right good through 2nd drop then move clean to outflow on left.

Did new move at ledge (3rd drop below razorback) – one that most do the slide on far left the drop 90 degree to the right behind the ledge or go over the slide.  Instead of normal slide move – did the boof move just to left of center, over the right side of the rock in the ledge just past (to the right of) the bottom of the slide.  Cool move Eddie C. showed me.  Hit the boof moving and once in air spin/twist boat 90 degrees plus behind rock land w/o much angle down close to flat  – it a big boil boil to land on.  Puts you in the boiling eddie behind the ledge at the bottom of the slide. Need to be close to 0 or + for move.    

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