Wilson Creek Gorge – Sunday Dec. 24, 2006

Ran Wilson Creek Gorge with Eddie Cooke and Joe, a friend of Eddie’s. Sunny day mid to high 50’s. Level at 11am was 0+ for the 1st run.

Ed-10 foot falls -Wilson Creek - 2 (11/30/03)

I got spun on 10′ falls coming out of the eddy below the boof at the bottom of the drop below the eddy and hit the top of the final drop over on a brace sideways with stern leading – threw in a hard back sweeping brace on the left and came up on it with stern leading and used the back sweep to line up staight over the drop on a good line – ran the final drop clean stern 1st. Caught eddy in middle of stairstep/triple drop on left , came out clean.

Ed-Entrance to 10 foot falls-Wilson Creek -2 (11/30/03)

Level at end of 2nd run around 2:30pm was just over -1″ when I left. My 2nd run was clean – excellent run. Hit eddy on left below the drop
coming out of the eddy below the boof on 10 foot, did get spun around coming out of that eddy in about the same place I got spun on the 1st run but was ready for it that time and spun around clean immediately and paddled to the drop clean right on line just to left of the rock on the lip of the last drop. Eddie as alway had a excellant runs, Joe paddled well too. Good time had by all.

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  1. Jim Jan 17

    Running drops stern first. 🙂 Sounds like you had fun!

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