Upper Yadkin

Paddled upper Yakin (top section) above Patterson NC today1-1/07.

With Darron, Ronnie G., Eddie, and a buddy of Eddie’s.

Level was about 350 cfs at Patterson gauge. Excellant level

Starts off as a small quite creek for 1+ miles, then a couple nice ledge drops, run the biggest (6’+) center, then quite for just short bit. Then the steep creekin starts. Serveral tight/intense drops – 1st one far left over double ledge turning back to the right, requires imediate turn to left at bottom to keep from being pushed into rocks below or debris on right bank.

Next rather intense drop horseshoe ledge (7-8′) on far left to a narrow ledge platform with boiling hole and undercut at center, sevie and undercut on right side- must hit far left moving fast, flat (don’t bury up here) and stoking (2-end up in eddie on left at base of drop – had to pull out and lift over, Eddie and I ended up in eddie on the left at the end of the “drop platform” and could paddle out down the bottom drop of 2-3′.

Next ledge striaght forward but had a tree just below it ( 2-ran, Eddie, Ronnie & I portaged) not that high but don’t get pulled back in – only eddy on rt. recirculates. With tree not worth it.

Serveral other nice ledges and tricky rapids.

Last big (biggest on run) rapid/drop – “Main Squeeze” 10’+, entry above over small drops on right and must hit moving small eddie behind rock center left to move on line for slot as right side imediately below flows into massive undercut 2/3 across from right bank with tree truck at opening of undercut plus the massive undercut itself formed by the huge slated rock on right that forms main squeeze. Hit the slot just off left bank slanting down under the high end of the undercut rock slab on the right and run down the chute under the rock overhang, need to skip the hole at the bottom and be digging hard. (I dove the drop to deep, got beyond the hole but pop out-pushed backward, did an extended hole surf and dance, very retentive, got out left side at rock wall. (got on left side of drop/slide going down at top – would recommend digging toward right side going down and extra aggressive strokes of end and on landing hole is deeper on left side of slide and more out flow on right – others got on more right and able to move further right coming off did ok).

Next 2 miles or so very good creeking, mostly rapids with very short breaks, no huge drops but steady drop and requiring moves to be made. Only section of easy water right at end (but moves ok) to take out.

Excellant and intense run in the middle “gorge secton” advanced water. Some hassling of Eddie’s buddie’s wife who ran scuttle at the take out by someone claiming to represent property owner who have old private property – no tresspass signs strung across river on cables just above to just below the gorge (don’t know what this is about – no where to go but down river when you get to them). Person claimed it was private property and they could have the sheriff come out and get us. (PS – run is worth getting hassled for).

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