Big Reed Island Creek – Sat. 12/23/2006

John Hall on BRI 1-15-06

Ran Big Reed Island Creek with SRVCC. Sunny, nice day, 50 to 55 degrees, level just under 2 foot. Water quite cold due to cold days and nights recently.

Had tried to get on Elk Creek near Fries Va. west of Galax Va.but water was approx 3″ to low on rock gauge above bridge for minimum run. Group left and went to Big Reed Island east of Galax Va. instead.

BRI 1-15-06 Ed at Buddys hole - ledge

Bev Bryant, Kevin, Steve, Charlie, David B., and Ed Boswell on trip. Good time had by all. Play good through gorge portion.

Buddys Hole pan cropped

“Buddy’s Hole” ledge rapid that used to have big hole in it but has been runable down main flow center of right next to big rock since hurricanes a few years ago, had log/tree in the main chute over by the rock and sticking out 12-15 foot toward left. Run on far side of big Rock to right of chute around by the right bank had a limb or tree in it. Had to run ledge left of center angled a little right. No other significant hazards encountered in the run.Some good surf spots at this level.

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