Wilson Creek Gorge – Sunday Dec. 24, 2006

Ran Wilson Creek Gorge with Eddie Cooke and Joe, a friend of Eddie’s. Sunny day mid to high 50’s. Level at 11am was 0+ for the 1st run.

Ed-10 foot falls -Wilson Creek - 2 (11/30/03)

I got spun on 10′ falls coming out of the eddy below the boof at the bottom of the drop below the eddy and hit the top of the final drop over on a brace sideways with stern leading – threw in a hard back sweeping brace on the left and came up on it with stern leading and used the back sweep to line up staight over the drop on a good line – ran the final drop clean stern 1st. Caught eddy in middle of stairstep/triple drop on left , came out clean. (more…)

Big Reed Island Creek – Sat. 12/23/2006

John Hall on BRI 1-15-06

Ran Big Reed Island Creek with SRVCC. Sunny, nice day, 50 to 55 degrees, level just under 2 foot. Water quite cold due to cold days and nights recently.

Had tried to get on Elk Creek near Fries Va. west of Galax Va.but water was approx 3″ to low on rock gauge above bridge for minimum run. Group left and went to Big Reed Island east of Galax Va. instead. (more…)

Wilson Creek – December 27, 2006

Ed-Boat Buster Rapid Wilson Creek -1 (11/30/03)

Ran Wilson Creek with Eric R. and Shane (owns rafting outfit across from Tuck put in in Dillsboro – nice guy paddles a Drago-Rossi – very good paddler-graduate of WCU-P&R).Excellent day, temps in mid to high 50’s, Sunny, water very clear. Level at 11 am -1/2″ Akado bridge WC (680cfs on John river gauge) and at 4:30 pm -1 to -1 1/2″ Akado bridge WC (630cfs on Johns river gauge).Eric and Shane had excellant runs.

Did 3 runs, excellant day.

Maury – Goshen Pass – Devils Kitchen section – Sunday 1/14/07

IMGP1732 Paddlin-ed at Devils KitchenRan the Maury above the town of Rockbridge Baths on Sunday January 14, 2007 with a group from SRVCC.

John Hall oc-1, James C. 0- oc1, Mike Covey k-1, Bev Bryant c-1, Bill Hamill c-1, and Ed Boswell k-1.

Level was nice.  USGS said  2.60′-2.7′ at 400cfs (we all thought there was considerably more than 400cfs (guessed at least 600).  NOAA-I flows gauge indicated a level of 2.8′.  Bridge gauge was supposed to be around 18″ (more…)

Wilson Creek – Janurary 6, 2007 (sat.)

Ran Wilson Creek – +2 to 2 1/2″ (780 cfs on Johns creek gauge)

Darron P., R. Garris, Eddie Cook, Jerry Hopping, and Dale Glen in group with me.  Beautiful day,  Sunny and got up around 70.  Water very clear and clean.

Did some cool moves at the surf hole below Fat Mama’s squeeze, came off far right and stalled stern surfing far right, spun to left side downstream and surfed back and forth, spun back to stern and then to right side, then spun 270 to bow and surfed over to left side and spun 180 and stern surf further left to tougue out. (more…)

Upper Yadkin

Paddled upper Yakin (top section) above Patterson NC today1-1/07.

With Darron, Ronnie G., Eddie, and a buddy of Eddie’s.

Level was about 350 cfs at Patterson gauge. Excellant level

Starts off as a small quite creek for 1+ miles, then a couple nice ledge drops, run the biggest (6’+) center, then quite for just short bit. Then the steep creekin starts. Serveral tight/intense drops – 1st one far left over double ledge turning back to the right, requires imediate turn to left at bottom to keep from being pushed into rocks below or debris on right bank. (more…)